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Consider adding support for additional clouds - Rackspace, Azure


It's not exactly clear what you need to do to boot an Azure VM and supply it with data -- I looked around a few mins for API docs, and its certainly not clear like it is for EC2. I know Linux hosting is coming soon, so maybe they'll revamp their APIs to be more 'EC2 like'
The Linux cloud-init supports Rackspace I guess, which has similar instance-data concepts as EC2.
Rackspace docs:
Some info on using cloud-init with rackspace:
I think getting at the data is handled in their python based 'nova client', but I haven't had a chance to look at the details.
We might have the need soon to have automated 'worker nodes' on one or more clouds... and if it's easy enough to get at the data attached to a new instance on other clouds, it would be awesome to see CloudInit.NET work for those platforms too.
Thanks again for such a great tool!


bwight4157 wrote Feb 3, 2012 at 4:39 PM

As long as there is a way to supply meta data while booting a machine then adding a plugin for cloud init would be pretty simple for the other clouds. Will have to take a look at it. Rackspace is probably the easiest and most popular second choice.

Rackspace supports cloud-init but not out of the box. You have to make some changes to tell it where to look for the user-data-file and meta-data-files. Again, its pretty simple to do just have to look around in the api's a little. If you have an account at rackspace maybe you can help me test it a little I don't have an account setup there.

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