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CloudInitAdministration Powershell Module


Add-CINotificationProvider - Installs a notification provider. In order for this command to work the assembly that contains the provider must be located in the same directory where the CloudInit service is installed.

Get-CINotificationProviders - Lists all of the notification providers that are available for installation. Simply cans the install directory for any assembly that contains a notification provider.

Get-CINotificationProviderSetting - Lists all the settings for a notification provider. Settings are stored in the registry on a sub key of HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CloudInit\Settings.

Get-CISettings - Lists all the settings for the CloudInit service. Settings are stored in the registry as a key of HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CloudInit\Settings.

New-CISecretKey - Generates a new secret key that can be used to update the SecretKey registry setting. This command itself does not update any value in the registry, it only provides you with a new random key should you decide to use it.

Remove-CINotificationProvider - Uninstalls a notification provider from cloud init.

Set-CINotificationSetting - Updates a notification provider setting in the registry.

Set-CISetting - Updates a cloud init setting in the registry.

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